Qurbani Project is a well-organized project of Welfare and Dawah dept. which involves purchasing of sacrificial animals required for the project, ensuring timely distribution and delivery to the specified/selected areas and to determine the responsibilities of the human resource involved, with adequate monitoring. We managed the meat distribution in around 50 different areas of Pakistan.
However, in such desperate conditions animals were sacrificed by Al Madinah Islamic Research Center and the meat was distributed in sufficient quantities among the inhabitants of different areas and specifically Tharparkar. This was an excellent endeavor for overcoming the malnutrition. This was a fine opportunity for the poor people to enjoy meat, with their bellies full, once in a year.

Full Cow

PKR: 105,000/-


PKR: 30,000/-

Cow (1/7th share)

PKR: 15,000/-

United Bank Limited
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Shaikh Muhammad Kamran yaseen