MIRC-Welfare is a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860. Since its foundation in 2014, it has been embarking on a progressive journey, it continued to grow and expand in successive years. Along with its services in the fields of education, research and training, it has also proven itself in relief activities. Be it the severe crises caused by the Covid-19 outbreak or the current havoc caused by torrential rains and flash floods in the country, MIRC-Welfare has always been at the forefront. Below is a timeline of events starting from July 2022 till date.


Al Madinah Islamic Research Center is trying to rehabilitate flood victims in most areas of interior Sindh. Alhamdulillah.

You too should attend to millions of homeless and destitute victims of natural disasters like floods and rains and take part in this good process!

Flood Relief Statistics (Sindh, Balochistan & Swat)

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Cooked food


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  • 8-12 September - Sindh

    By the grace of Allah, MIRC-Welfare distributed 7000+ Ration Bags and 3000+ Shelter Kits to the victims. MIRC-Welfare established 2 more medical camps making a total of 7 camps in flood-affected areas where over 7000 men, women and children were treated. On daily basis, 188 pots were delivered to afflicted areas, providing cooked food to […]

  • 1-7 September - Sindh

    Given the disaster, MIRC-Welfare expanded its activities to 20 central locations in the province most afflicted by the devastating flood, reaching 41 towns and villages. By the grace of Allah, MIRC-Welfare distributed 25,000+ Ration Bags and 10,000+ Shelter Kits to the victims. MIRC-Welfare established medical camps at 5 flood-affected locations where over 6000 men, women […]

  • 19-31 August - Sindh

    The non-stop and prolonged surge of monsoon rains in Sindh in the mid of June 2022 continued till the end of Aug 2022. Among the worst-hit, Sindh reeled under the deluge. Millions of families were affected by the devastating flood. MIRC-Welfare furthered its relief activities from Balochistan to Sindh to help the afflicted people in […]

  • 1-18 August - Balochistan

    The spell of monsoon rains (June to Aug 2022) and the subsequent flash floods in the country have wreaked record-breaking monsoon devastations across the country. Balochistan has witnessed the heaviest rains. Several thousand families were displaced and exposed to harsh weather in the open sky. Accessibility to several districts was entirely disrupted and only water […]

  • 26-29 July - Karachi

    At the end of July torrential downpours lashed various localities of Karachi causing widespread urban flooding and damaging infrastructure in the city. The water remained accumulated in different areas disrupting daily life. MIRC delivered cooked food and clean drinking water to more than 3500 households in Surjani Town, Yousuf Goth, Moach Goth and other areas […]